Sun Setting on mining in Karangahake

Heritage Gold quoted a  ‘golden new dawn’ in a headline of a local newspaper this year regarding their plans to re-develop the Talisman mine, but it is actually the dimming glow of the sun setting on mining in the Coromandel.
Despite having had a mining license for over 10 years in this area, Heritage do not have resource consents granted and shouldn’t assume it’s all go in a sensitive, historic conservation area.
Peninsula residents, young and old, know the extraordinary natural beauty and precious habitats of this land must be protected. That is where our future prosperity lies; not in get-rich-quick mining schemes that plunder our resources, often for the benefit of off-shore investors.
One only need look at Waihi to see how bitter the reality is of mining’s promises of prosperity and of the toxic legacy it will be left with. Te Aroha and Moanataiari sadly illustrate how long after the mining companies have vanished, communities can still struggle with mining’s environmental consequences.
Learning from the past, we can move forward with an economic vision for the peninsula that is much more positive and sustainable.
If you live in the Ohinemuri/Karangahake area and would like to know more about how you can help to stop mining please get in contact with us.