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A Great Victory !

All Schedule 4 Conservation land on Coromandel Peninsula, Great Barrier Island and in Paparoa National Park to remain protected from mining !

Thank you to all our 1000’s of supporters who made this happen !

  • all 9 areas on the Coromandel will remain in Schedule 4 and be protected from mining (as will the areas Great Barrier Island and in the Paparoa National Park)
  • there will be some form of public consultation before any access agreement for a large mining proposal is granted on non-schedule 4 conservation land
  • the Minister of Energy will now have a say jointly with the Minister of Conservation on access agreements to non-schedule 4 conservation land. This is bad and we will oppose this is the select committee when Brownlee attempts to change the law
  • land added to National parks and other reserves similar to existing Schedule 4 land will be automatically added to the Schedule
  • the government will fund aerial surveys of Northland and the West Coast non schedule 4 land (but not it seems any Coromandel Land)

Forest and Bird have a great summary here

You can read all the news and reaction at these links….

March Against Mining


March Against Mining Akl 1 May

The March Against Mining in Auckland on Saturday 1 May was an amazing spectacle! 50,000 people filled Queen St – the largest protest in NZ for decades! Watchdog thanks all those that made the effort to turn out and show the Government that we don’t want our parks undermined.

You can watch video of the march here at TV3 News.

Check out a collection of photos here at Greenpeace’s flickr collection.

Coromandel Conservation Land Protected From Mining. nb. All Coromandel Coast Also Protected. Click For Larger View

Schedule 4 of the Crown Minerals Act. Schedule 4 has been the Coromandel’s main protection against mining since 1997.

Schedule 4 says that mining cannot occur on all conservation land north of the Kopu-Hikuai Road, all the Coromandel coast inland from low water mark, all harbours, and most off shore islands .

Schedule 4 represents all of our past hard fought battles to stop mining on the Coromandel.



Surgical Mining – A Fantasy

PM John Key and Gerry Brownlee say modern methods allow “surgical mining”, to access valuable mineral deposits without desecrating landscapes.” (The Press 01/09/2009)

Question: Do these these images (click to enlarge) of the Martha and Golden Cross mines represent “surgical”mining” and “undesecrated landscapes” ?… you be the judge.

Open Pit Waihi
Tailings Dam Waihi .. 40 mill cu m of toxic waste


Open Pit Waitekauri near Waihi


Tailings dam Waitekauri near Waihi


Tremain Cartoon

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