Rally For Conservation Land

We are having a Rally for Conservation on Saturday 25th, meeting 10.30am at the Parakiwai Quarry Road DOC carpark. Bring a picnic, bring a sign, bring a friend!

In Sept the Government is going to be consulting with the public about whether or not we should havbe mining on our Conservation land.
Obviously we shouldn’t – they are often areas that have high biodiversity, unique characteristcs and indigenous and often threatened species.

We are Rallying to stand up for these areas and there inhabitants – and to remind those who may have forgotten that they are here – and they must be protected!
Oceana Gold are drilling at the moment in one such area, and we are Rallying to let them know that mining there is not ok, to support DOC’s recent decision not to allow them to relocate the very threatened and significant Archey’s frog to enable them to drill further. Please help us to send a strong message – and reminder.
Make a Stand for our Conservation Land.
Help us raise awareness of this event by printing out some posters and putting up in your area, emailing it throughout your networks and telling people about it!
And of course, we would love it if you could come along – we need to support each other – and our environment against this well resourced industry!