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No More Mining Protest at Newmont’s Waihi Gold Mine

Over twenty Coromandel residents, and members of environmental group Coromandel Watchdog, held a peaceful protest at Newmont Waihi Gold Co.’s, Martha mine at Waihi today. (Sunday 17 Jan).

The protest took place during Newmont’s “Open Day” at the Martha Mine open pit in Waihi.  The protesters gained access to the open pit area with each one wearing a T-shirt with lettering which together spelled out the message “No More Mining”

“The protest was directed at both Newmont, and the Government and had a simple message that the people of the Coromandel Peninsula do not want any more gold mining”, said Coromandel Watchdog spokesperson Denis Tegg.

“Watchdog has run a successful campaign during the holiday season. We informed thousands of visitors to the Coromandel about Newmont’s expansion of its mining operations into the Opoutere and Onemana areas, and the Government’s wish to allow mining on Conservation land and coast, north of the Kopu – Hikuai Road. ”

“We had huge support from summer visitors for our total opposition to any more gold mining on the Peninsula.  People value the Coromandel the way it is, and they do not want to see it industrialised and degraded by underground mining, or any other sort of mining.  An overwhelmingly, most visitors and locals told us that there was more economic benefit from keeping the Coromandel in its beautiful natural state, than digging it up for gold.”

“The protest was held to give voice to that strong public sentiment.  Both Newmont and the Government need to know that their mining expansion plans will face fierce opposition,” said Mr Tegg.

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