Parakiwai and Otahu

Exploration Permit: # 40813
Companies: 65% Newmont Waihi Gold trading as Waihi Gold Company Ltd
35% Glass Earth New  Zealand Ltd
Location: To the west and southwest of Whangamata
Granted: 7/09/2006
Duration: 5 years
For minerals:  Gold and silver
Area: 7167 Hectares

Newmont Waihi Gold own 65%  in a joint venture with Glass Earth Gold to explore in the hills behind Whangamata.

In the Parakiwai Valley, alongside the Wharekirauponga stream, on the 22nd of May 2011, 16 people tramped into this stunning bush to turn off the drilling rig.

Concerned Whangamata residents and friends visit a drilling rig in Parakiwai Valley

Permit map sourced from here.

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