It’s our food, it’s our life – the Coromandel Harbour is Too Precious To Mine

Dinghie and Green spot - Copy

If you were at Wyuna Bay on May 18, 2013 you would have heard chants of “They say mine, we say ours!” and “Coromandel, Coromandel, no more mining stop the vandals!”. You would have smelt  a distant whiff of a bbq starting to cook some free sausages and a tasted the salty sea air. You would have felt the slight sprinkle of rain and a cold breath of wind but then had a sigh of relief as the sun surprisingly came out to warm up your face.

And what you would have seen if you were at Wyuna Bay on that Saturday morning is a line of people stretching beyond sight holding hands across the sand, the closer waters dotted with a rainbow of kayaks, lifejackets, paddles and surfers. Then in the background you would have see a flotilla of boats from near and far coming towards the crowd with banners proudly blowing in the wind.

And the sense of solidarity in standing for the protection of the Coromandel Harbour, the integrity of Schedule 4 and the right to protest at sea was phenomenal .

Here are the links to the videos of the day:

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Take Action

The Coromandel Harbour is still under a prospecting permit to look for gold, take action to help us protect the Harbour and work towards a better process to development through community consultation and sustaining the marine environment.

  • Download the open letter to Sea Group Holdings asking them to surrender their permit.
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