Coromandel Watchdog Shuts Down Mining Rig for 30 Hours

The Coromandel Watchdog group have withdrawn from the drilling rig in the Parakiwai Valley this evening having achieved their goal of stopping the drilling activity for more than 30 hours.

“We have achieved our purpose which was to highlight that this area should never be mined. We camped for two days on the drilling rig in the remote forest because we want to protect the environment and the endangered species in this forest,” said Coromandel Watchdog Coordinator Renee Annan..


“We will continue to take peaceful action against Newmont’s attempts to drill for gold in the Forest Park, a Forest Park which is the habitat of the rarest frog in the world. Newmont have flown in more security guards this afternoon to protect Newmont when really they should be helping us protect the environment,” Ms Annan said.

camp at night

Coromandel Watchdog was joined by about 30 local residents today who came to support the protest in the forest.

“This is a difficult area for many of our supporters to get to but we have had great support and we will continue to be champions of the conservation values and the communities of the Coromandel.” Ms Annan said


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