Media Release – 31-10-2013

See TV3 footage here.

Coromandel residents, CLAIM and Coromandel Watchdog blocked mining activities in the Coromandel Harbour yesterday to protect Schedule Four and the prospectors have not turned up to work today.

“Today we gathered at the site but they seem to have left the area,” said Coromandel Watchdog Coordinator Renee Annan. “Residents are prepared to protest mining activities if and when Sea Group Holdings returns to Coromandel Harbour which is Schedule 4 and off-limits to mining – as confirmed by the Minister for Conservation last night.”

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“But the obvious question is then why is prospecting being allowed? People here are very clear that it is not okay and will be opposed.”

“Residents will continue to peacefully protest this site to ensure protection of the Harbour and to uphold the integrity of Schedule 4. We would encourage the company to conclude their project and not return to the Coromandel.”


For further information call Renee on 0220181764