Commercial Miner Buys ‘’hobby” mine in Schedule 4 No Mining Area

Media Release
Sept 29 2021

Coromandel Watchdog of Hauraki will protest any changes to the hobby mine in
Coromandel  Forest Park now that New Talisman mining has bought this operation in
Schedule 4 public conservation (DOC) land.
” Schedule 4 is a no mining zone. The Puketui Mine in the DOC forest has only been
allowed to exist with a Special Permit as a tiny hobby mine and tourist operation. Ne
Talisman is a commercial company who are buying this hobby mine as a Trojan horse for
mining Schedule 4,” says Catherine Delahunty, Chair of the Watchdog group. 
” New Talisman has stated clearly this week that they are buying the mine as a ” significant
exploration opportunity” – that’s not a hobby.
“In 2010 more than 30,000 people marched against proposed mining in Schedule 4 in
including Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Mining is a banned activity because of the
significant values of the land. The Puketui is a beautiful forest and river near Tairua which is
very popular for walking, swimming and camping. It’s a forest which has already supposedly 
been given the highest level protection by DOC (Schedule 4). It can not legally be explored
or mined as a commercial activity . New Talisman are hoping to use it to find more gold and,
we assume, develop underground mining. That is clearly not a hobby.”
” They are also relying on the idea that underground mining is somehow not really mining
Schedule 4 despite the roading, trucking of ore and toxic waste, the blasting and vibration
which are unacceptable  impacts in any forests let alone Schedule 4 land set aside for its
high conservation and ecological values.
We will be alerting the Minister of Conservation that a commercial mining company is
making this move into Schedule 4 and we will protest any developments or rule changes
they propose. Oceana Gold already have an exploration licence over the surrounding area
which is also a contradiction of the purpose of the Schedule 4 rules and we intend to ensure
that neither company will ever mine this place.
New Talisman mainly mines the share market; their other mining project at Karangahake
Gorge (outside Schedule. 4 but on public conservation (DOC) land) has stalled and the
Financial Markets Authority (FMA) has filed high court proceedings against their Chief
Executive for (alleged) market manipulation.
” These people are not hobby miners. DOC may not be able to refuse the purchase of this
operation but we will be expecting them to prevent any activities beyond hobby mining, and
to refuse any variation to the access agreement that the former owner/operator had with
them, otherwise what is the point of Schedule 4?” Ms Delahunty says