Fast Track Bill UPDATE

We have been digging deeper in to this Bill and what other hooks are in there; we have already written about the loss of democratic process, the exclusion of mana whenua and community alike, and experts and  the removal of Schedule 4 for the Coromandel Peninsula. What we know now is that it would also…

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Summary of the Fast Track Bill, so far

Shane Jones, Simeon Brwn and Chris Bishop

This is a brief overview of the Governments announcements yesterday (7/3/24) around the new Bill that would enable consents and permits etc to be fast tracked. Called the Fast Track Approvals Bill, this Bill would enable miners (or any other developers) to apply to the Ministers of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Transport for their proposal to…

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National Led Government Freezes NZers Out

image is text: 62 % didn't vote for National, 91% didn't vote for Act and 94% didn't vote for NZ First.

National shuts the public out, puts Public Conservation Land, threatened species and habitats, natural heritage and the most intrinsically valuable attributes of Aotearoa New Zealand at extreme risk. Before the end of the first month of 2024, the National Government has outlined how they will completely shut the public, including environmental groups, out of decision…

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We have a Winner!

Congratulations Gin Loane Gin has won the draw to  for 2 nights accommodation at the beautiful eco-friendly Fern Lodge in lovely Kapanga/Coromandel Town. Thank you to everyone who contributed and if you didn’t this time we will be running more throughout the year so keep an eye out for the next opportunity to support us….

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NZ First Coalition Gain a Threat to the Environment and Public Participation 

The NZ First Party has already threatened the environment and communities with their “fast track” law change plan that will give Ministers unilateral powers to issue mining consents without public processes. Their policies, supported by rest of the new Government, are an extraordinary attack on communities right to participate and on the roles of DOC…

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Minister Declares War on Nature 

Shane Jones plus written quote of part of speech he made on 13.11.23.

The Prime Minister must rein in the Minister of Resources, NZ Firsts Shane Jones, whose recent statements are a declaration of war on nature.  In his statement in the House on December 12 Shane Jones went full Trump and declared war on conservation land, biodiversity, and climate science. His flippant and uniformed comments about the…

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Crown Minerals Act Purpose Changed – at last.

We have, since 2013 when the then national Government changed it, campaigned to have to Purpose of the Crown Minerals Act changed from an Act to ‘promote’ mining back to one to ‘manage’ mining. Prior to the 2013 Amendment, the Act had been ‘An Act to restate and reform the law relating to the management…

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