Why No Mining?

Within our diverse membership we recognise people come to the cause for different reasons. Below are some of those reasons.

Resource Management: We believe it is unnecessary to extract more gold, as there is already enough above ground to fulfill the medical and technological needs of the world for the foreseeable future and that the lands and waters of the Coromandel/ Hauraki are better used by industries that preserve its natural values.

Environmental Reasons: Gold and other precious metals are a finite resource already fulfilling a function within the earth. Mining these resources is not sustainable and also risks massive industrialisation, water pollution and a legacy of toxic waste.

Economic Reasons: The environment is the economy in the Coromandel. People are sustained by what the land and waters produce and by visitors spending money in the region. Mining will threaten our economy. Waihi is a good example of failure to thrive economically despite/ as a result of mining in the heart of the community.

Cultural Reasons: In a  consultation between the Ministry for Economic Development and Hauraki Iwi in Thames in 2010, Iwi told the govt “no mining north of Waihi”. Watchdog acknowledges that Te Tiriti o Waitangi requires a recognition of tino rangatirotanga in their rohe. The local communities of the Coromandel support this position and have their own cultural commitment to protecting the area.

Community and Social Wellbeing Reasons: Our communities are based on the natural world and a non-industrial model. Mining is socially damaging and has health and mental health effects on communities.

Spiritual Reasons: We recognize tangata whenua spiritual connections and responsibilities to the land defined by whakapapa. Many of us with more recent connections to this place are learning to value the deeper relationships with the environment.

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